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A Better Credit Card Processing knows that many small business owners’ payment processing needs include check acceptance. Because it provides a level of service and security that you cannot get anywhere else, we offer TeleCheck check processing. For 50 years, TeleCheck has delivered industry-leading check acceptance, check processing and risk analytics services to merchants and financial institutions.


Because TeleCheck enables merchants to accept checks from consumers safely and securely, they protect thousands of businesses and financial institutions from check-related losses, fraud, and identity theft. This means that whether purchases occur in store, online or over the phone, consumers are safeguarded from unwarranted or unlawful use of their checking account information. By partnering with TeleCheck, ABCCP helps consumers avoid some of the fastest growing crimes in America.


In the case of electronic payment processing, check writers have 60 days to claim a transaction as an unauthorized charge. If a transaction is claimed as unauthorized, TeleCheck will research the dispute and attempt to resolve it with the check-writer’s bank. In doing so, TeleCheck may request a copy of the signed TeleCheck ECA receipt from you.

You will receive funds in your bank account typically within two business days from when you close a batch.

It is important that you close your TeleCheck ECA batch at least once a day. TeleCheck cannot send you the funds from TeleCheck ECA transactions until we receive a batch.

Follow all regular TeleCheck warranty requirements and keep the check for bank deposit.

Yes, signing a TeleCheck ECA receipt is the same as signing a credit card slip. The consumer’s signature is what authorizes TeleCheck to present the check electronically to the consumer’s bank so the money can be transferred to the business account. TeleCheck ECA receipts must be retained by the business for two years.

The TeleCheck ECA service benefits the consumer by returning their paper check to them immediately—and the private information contained on the check. Your check-writing consumers will generally still have the same amount of time before their check is presented to their bank (about two days). The electronic transaction will appear on their bank statement, with the date the check cleared, the check number, the amount and the place where the check was presented.

No. Traveler’s checks, money orders or non-Demand Deposit Account (DDA) checks cannot be processed by the TeleCheck ECA service. In addition, some business checks cannot be accepted.

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