Merchant Services Provider

As a merchant services provider, ABC Card Processing Company partners with their clients to help them grow their business. The bulk of merchant services revolves around credit card processing and electronic payments.

ABCCP, however, offers other important payment solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses throughout Florida and New Jersey streamline their operations and drive more sales. By providing secure payment processing solutions, ABCCP helps businesses run more efficiently.

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ABCCP Products

Essentially, merchant services consist of the various tools available for payment processing. In other words, they are the products that payment processors offer to merchants to enable them to accept and process payments from their customers.

Payment processing systems make it much easier for businesses to keep track of spending and earn cash back rewards in addition to having an added layer of security from credit card companies. Because these transactions are fast and secure, companies who do not have payment processing systems may find themselves losing out to their competitors who do.

Payment Gateway

To accept online payments, an ecommerce business needs to have a payment gateway. Basically, a payment gateway is a piece of software that interacts with your e-commerce store or website that allows you to process online credit card payments. ABCCP offers the Payeezy Gateway for businesses who want a simple and secure online payment solution.

Because the Payeezy Gateway is customizable to your business, it works for any size merchant. In addition, it is backed up by an extensive set of online support tools and a dedicated support team available to answers questions whenever they arise.

Whether you are just starting a new business or you are looking to integrate payment processing seamlessly to your website, the Payeezy Gateway solution makes it easy to manage your online payments.

Check Acceptance

While many small and medium-sized businesses would like to accept checks from customers, some merchants cannot take the risk of check-related losses. For this reason, ABCCP offers TeleCheck check processing.  Known for their exceptional service and security, TelecCheck has provided electronic check acceptance and and risk analytics services to merchants and financial institutions for over half a century.

Because TeleCheck electronic check acceptance service converts a paper check into an electronic record at the point of sale, it permits merchants to accept checks as safely and easily as credit and debit cards. Merchants accept the check but not the paper. As a result, it helps the consumer by giving their paper check back to them immediately along with the private information inscribed on the check.

Consequently, TeleCheck protects nearly 400,000 businesses from check-related losses, identity theft, and fraud. Whether purchases occur online, in store, or over the phone, customers are protected from unlawful use of bank account information. Due to their partnership with TeleCheck, ABCCP has helped thousands of consumers avoid many common financial crimes.


Gift Cards

One of the best ways to build brand loyalty is by offering gift cards. Indeed, almost two thirds of customers spend more with gift cards than the actual value of the card. In addition, as much as 93% of gift card recipients would choose a $25 gift card over a present worth twice as much.

In other words, people truly value gift cards. Because they are essentially an endorsement of your business by the card giver, they are also a great way to promote your brand.


two people holding red gift card

For these reasons, ABC Card Processing offers a broad range of gift card styles and designs. To give our merchants an added boost, we also offer a nice selection of products to display your gift cards to their greatest advantage, as well as marketing tools to let your customers know that cards are available.

ABC Card Processing provides merchant services to businesses in New Jersey and Florida because we are committed to helping merchants find the right payment solution for their business. Whether you need an online payment gateway, electronic check acceptance, loyalty gift cards, or one of our other merchant services, ABCCP is well-equipped to handle all your payment processing needs.