Credit Card Processing Company NJ

As a credit card processing company, we help merchants in New Jersey by enabling credit and debit card payments to their businesses.

Although the entire process occurs in a matter of seconds in front of the consumer, a great deal happens on the back end of this transaction.

ABC Card Processing Company serves as the middleman between the customer’s bank (where the payment originates) and the merchant’s bank (where the payment goes). In addition to credit and debit cards, we also handle other forms of payment such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, charge cards, PayPal ACH, and checks.

The Right Solution for Your Business

When looking for a payment processing company, it is important to find one that suits your business needs. For this reason, ABC Card Processing Company offers many different payment solutions. We tailor our systems to the individual merchant. Whether your business handles mostly in-person transactions through point of sale systems (POS) or online payments, we have the payment solution that is right for you.

POS Systems

A POS system lets your business ring up sales and accept payments. It essentially replaces the cash registers of the past with a system that tracks those sales and can manage your inventory.

If your business accepts many payments in person, then you need a user-friendly point of sale system that processes each sale securely and has the right software to manage your administrative tasks.  In other words, security and usability should beat the top of your list. The main components of a POS system are the hardware and the software.


The hardware for a POS system enables you to accept payments from customers. ABC Card Processing Company’s POS systems accept all forms of payment including credit and debit cards, mobile payments, NFC, ACH and checks. Our POS systems can also print receipts and store cash in drawers if necessary.


The software that runs your POS system enables you to look up items and to register sales. Our up-to-date software makes it simpler and easier to run your business. In addition to accepting the newest forms of payment (like EMV and Apple Pay), our systems keep track of your inventory, manage employees, and communicate with your customers. They even accept iPhone and Android sales with a mobile phone. Another advantages is that a POS routes funds to your bank account after each sale.

Because our POS systems are customizable, we can put together a system to suit any business owner’s needs.  Even small businesses can reap benefits from an efficient POS system. With current, accurate data about your sales and inventory, you can make better, more informed decisions about your business.

Providing Payment Solutions to NJ Business Owners

At ABC Card Processing Company, we know how important it is to have a POS that fits your business. In addition to tracking sales, a POS can handle other administrative tasks, so you can concentrate on growing your business. As a premier provider of merchant services, ABC Card Processing Company caters to business owners in New Jersey who want an affordable solution to their payment processing needs. By customizing our payment services to our clients, we ensure that our businesses get the best products at the best price.