Payment Processing Solutions

A Better Credit Card Processing Company provides payment solutions for small business owners in New Jersey and Florida. Wherever you go nowadays, people want to use credit for purchases. Whether it is a retail store, gas station, or a farmer’s market, more people rely on credit or debit cards than ever before.

As a payment processor, ABC Card Processing Company provides solutions for businesses whether they do mostly online payments or in-person transactions at point of sale systems (POS). Our goal is to find the system that is just right for you because each business has its own payment needs.

contactless card payments


One of the benefits of credit cards is that they make it much easier for both businesses and households to keep track of spending and earn cash back rewards not to mention the extra layer of security provided by credit card companies. Because credit card transactions are fast and secure, companies who do not have credit card processing systems put themselves at risk of losing customers to their competitors who do.

POS Systems

A point of sale or POS system is a payment processing solution that enables merchants to register sales and accept customer payments in person. It basically replaces the cash registers with a modern system that can both track sales and manage business inventory.

If your business conducts many in-person transactions, then it is important for you to have a point of sale system that has the software to handle your administrative tasks and can process credit and debit payments securely.


First Data Terminals



At ABC Card Processing, we know how important usability and security are to your payment solution. For this reason, we provide First Data Terminals as a payment processing option for our merchants. These terminals have the advantage of built-in security to safeguard cardmember information in addition modern space-saving designs to fit your business.

First Data terminals are also equipped with the EMV technology that sets the payment processing industry standard in security. With First Data terminals, our customers have a range of options that will help any merchant improve their POS system.

FD200 terminal


The FD150 Terminal – the next generation FD Series devices offers better processing and expanded memory along with a familiar look and user interface. While this model shares the same design and mechanical packaging as the FD130, its internal components have been improved. It boasts many important features such as multi-merchant functionality, electronic check acceptance, and contactless payment processing.


One of the benefits of the FD200 is that it essentially gets rid of any need to use multiple devices to process different forms of payment. It uses a built-in check reader/imager to support TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® and lockbox services, including warranty and verification options. TeleCheck services have the advantage of cutting down on the risk of accepting paper checks in addition to saving time by not having to bring checks to the bank for deposit and processing.


This terminal encompasses the full range of payment processing solutions including debit, credit, gift cards, paper checks, and EBT, all brought to you by a single provider. Furthermore, this terminal’s  “store-and-forward” capability means that merchants can ensure card-present rates even when there isn’t a signal at the time of the transaction.


ABC Card Processing offers First Data systems to their customers in Florida and New Jersey because we believe in helping merchants find the right payment solution for their business. Beyond being an affordable solution that brings together performance and dependability, their compact, user-friendly designs, ability to process transactions anywhere, and support for things like printing make them one of the most popular brands in the industry. Whether you want contactless payment options or EMV technology or you need to save space, ABCCP has the First Data System that will take care of all your payment processing needs.