Point of Sale Systems

A Better Credit Card Processing offers a wide selection and customized Point Of Sale (POS) systems and software. Different businesses need different payment solutions and because POS systems can do so much more than processing sales, ABCCP make sure merchants have a system that meets their specific needs. In addition to credit card processing, our fully integrated systems are capable of receipt printing, inventory tracking, bar-code scanning, managing employee time clocks,  reporting and analytics.

Choose the right system for your business and let our POS system take care of your sales, inventory, and payroll processing so you can focus on your business.

We support the following POS systems: ELO Touch Solutions, HP RPE Touch Screen POS, POSX Complete POS System Solution, Quantic A Responsive IOS and Android POS, TouchBistro Restaurant POS, Honeywell Xenon 1900 Barcode Scanner.

To get more information about our customized POS systems or to speak to one of our POS specialists call us today (800) 224-5560  

ELO Touch Solutions

ELO POS system

HP RPE Touch Screen POS

HP RPE POS system

POSX Complete POS System Solutions

POSX system

Quantic A Responsive iOS and Android POS

Quantic POS system

TouchBistro Restaurant POS

TouchBistro hardware POS system
TouchBistro boxes

Honeywell Xenon 1900 Barcode Scanner

Xenon 1900 technical specs
Xenon 1900 performance specs