Payment Type – Checks

Check services guarantee that a check is good and allows a merchant to convert a paper check to an electronic ACH transaction ensuring faster deposits and fewer trips to the bank. Check services are optional and may require additional hardware.

Fortunately for those merchants that still need to accept checks, check processing has changed quite a bit over the past couple of decades. Today’s check payment services, like the TeleCheck system we offer, enable merchants to make an electronic copy of a check that captures the check amount and banking information.

During the transaction, the customer will still need to sign for authorization, either on a paper receipt or electronically.  The benefit is that it is much easier and faster to present a check image for verification, processing, and deposit. Sometimes referred to as eChecks, electronic check processing means merchants can authorize a check payment in real time, similar to a credit card transaction.

Another advantage is that merchants will know right away if a customer is using an active account with sufficient funds for the transaction. The great thing about eCheck payment processing is that it uses today’s technology to process checks securely in real time without losing the convenience and familiarity of paper checks.