Diners Club Cards

Diners Club Cards were one of the first cards ever used in the US back in 1950. Diners Club is now part of Discover but still carries its own brand name. Diners Club Cards can be used at all merchant locations that accept Discover Cards. We activate Diners Club Cards on all of our merchant accounts.

Founded in 1950 as the first independent payment card company in the world, Diners Club gave birth to the era of the credit card. Considered a charge card at first, the Diners Club card required customers to pay their bill in full at the end of every month instead of permitting the kind of revolving balance associated with a credit card. It later evolved as the travel and leisure-focused credit card that we know today.

In 2008, Discover purchased Diners Club International. As a result, Discover could now take advantage of Diners Club’s extensive international network. As of 2020, Diners Club remains a well-known brand used by travelers around the world. Cardmembers come from over 60 different countries and enjoy the privilege of using the card in more than 185 nations. Diners Club cardholders are drawn to its many travel-related benefits such as complimentary lounge access and full primary coverage for rental car collision and damage insurance.