Discover Credit Cards

Discover issues Credit Cards directly to card holders as well as through banks and other financial institutions. Any card bearing the Discover Logo can be accepted as a form of payment at any business that has a merchant account.

Customer-friendly Rewards

Discover has made its mark in the credit card industry by offering generous customer rewards, 0% introductory APRs, and no foreign transaction fees. Since their national launch via a Super Bowl commercial in 1986, this credit card issuer gave birth to America’s first cash rewards program. As a result, more people use Discover than any other cash rewards card.

Credit Card Offers

Although they all fall under the Discover brand, there are a number of different Discover credit cards, each with their own perks and advantages. Some cards let customers earn rewards at the same rate for all purchases while others offer extra rewards for purchases in specific bonus categories such as gas or dining or travel. Other cards let customers take advantage of 0% introductory rates for new purchases or balance transfers. Discover also touts cash back programs for students, bad credit, and even hockey fans.

Difference Between Discover and Mastercard and VISA

The central difference between Discover credit cards and the Mastercard and VISA networks is the widespread acceptance of the latter two cards. Outside of the U.S., the Discover card isn’t nearly as popular as Mastercard and VISA. As always, the important thing is to compare the rewards and cash back programs among cards to see which one best fits your needs.