JCB Cards

JCB Cards are issued in Japan and are used extensively by tourists and business travelers in the US. JCB stands for Japan Credit Bureau. In 2006, JCB entered into an agreement with Discover allowing all US merchants that accept Discover Cards to also be able to accept JCB Cards without the need to open a separate account with JCB. We activate JCB Cards on all of our merchant accounts.

Founded in 1961 as Japan Credit Bureau, JCB credit cards are issued by JCB International Credit Card Co., which has broadened its overseas markets since 1981. Although JCB cards are common to Japan, China and Taiwan, they are also issued in 24 countries and territories. In most countries, JCB is affiliated with financial institutions which license them to issue JCB-branded cards.  As of 2020, the JCB card is accepted by over 34 million merchants and enjoyed by over 140 million cardmembers worldwide.

As the only Japan-based international brand, JCB is not credit card network like Mastercard, VISA, or American Express in the United States. Although JCB was accepted by many travel and tourism-centered businesses such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, it did not gain broad acceptance until 2011 when its partnership with the Discover card network began operations. Although JCB credit cards used to be available to United States residents, JCB USA ceased its operations in 2018. While U.S.-issued JCB credit cards are no longer in use, foreign JCB cards are still accepted through the Discover network alliance.