The WEX Card

The Wright’s Express Card or WEX card is primarily used for fuel. Like the Voyager card, it too operates on its own network. Merchants that sell fuel must request this service before they can be accepted for payment.

Similar to the Voyager card, the WEX fleet card helps businesses manage fleets with things like automatic fuel expense tracking, purchase alerts, employee spending controls, and special discounts.

The WEX card also enjoys the benefit of the largest fueling network in the fleet card industry with more than 160,000 U.S. locations. As a result, cardholders never have to plan their routes around specific fueling stations or drive out of their way to find one.

This card also has many advantages over cash and credit cards. While cash can be lost or stolen, a company also has little control over the amount that can be spent at one time or location. In addition, credit cards only provide basic info such as the location and transaction amount.

WEX cards, on the other hand, give out detailed information about every purchase including price per gallon, fuel grade, location, and more. They also require driver IDs at the pump, so it adds another level of security against the use of lost or stolen cards. Essentially, the WEX card is a more efficient way to keep track of fuel and maintenance expenses for your business vehicles.